Virtus Military


Military Background Artists


All registered Virtus Group background artists are carefully selected to ensure that they have not only Military experience and training but also the correct attitude to ensure the very best performances on set.


Our database of artists and advisors include specialisms in the following areas:


Special Forces

Airbourne Operations

Nuclear Bio-Chemical Warfare


Army Infantry

Air Force


Ship Security


Counter Terrorism

Close Protection/Bodyguard



Hand to Hand Combat

Survival Techniques



Conflict Experience and Knowledge






Northern Ireland


World War 2

World War 1



Military Advisors


Bob Lovell


24 years service in UK military, Army Communications Operator, Logistics and Military Instructor. Qualified in Range Management, First Aid, Nuclear Biological Warfare, Urban Movement Specialist Foreign Weapons. Numerous Military Deployments to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Numerous attachments to UK Specialised Units, Phase 1 and 2 military Training Units, Air Assault Communications Squadron and Intelligence Schools.

Qualified Close Protection Operator, First Person on Scene (I) medic, Ship Security Officer & Maritime Security Operator worked in UK, Africa, Sri Lanka, India and within the High Risk Areass.




Andy Good


17 Years service in the British Army, Special Forces Communicator, Military Training Instructor.

Qualified in Live Firing Tactical Training, Skill at Arms, Foreign Weapons Instructor, Range Management, Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Warfare Instructor, First Aid Instructor, (FIBUA) Fighting In Built Up Areas Instructor, Combat Survival Instructor and Military PTI.

Numerous Military Deployments to Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Libya, Oman and Belize.

Served within British Special Forces and Para Signals, Phase 1 Military Training Instructor, Senior Command Leadership and Management Team and Chief Instructor for Army Reserve SF Unit.


First Person on Scene (I) Medic, Surveillance Operator, Private Investigator Trained, Personal Trainer and Master


Worked in UK, Afghanistan, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain also within High Risk Areas.




Alan Lane


2nd Battalion Royal Anglian regiment 1980 - 1983 Logistic and Close Quarter Combat specialist.


Assistant logistical organisation and participation in various international aid missions to Refugee camps and children’s hospitals in Zagreb, Ukraine and Romania.


Security officer and personal security advisor for high profile musicians and performers on national and international tours.




Phil Capel


British Army 1977- 1983, Junior leaders Royal Engineers, 9 Parachute Sqn RE.

Served in Northern Ireland and the South Atlantic.







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